LCD display compatible with Hitachi HD44780 driver


I'd like to use a LCD 16x2 display compatible with arduino, but I don't know how I can know if a display is compatible.

I cannot post a link in the first message, so please check the reply I'll write for this very message, and I'll post a link to the shop I'd like to use...



Here I am with the link:

The list is quite long...but which of these is compatible? If I add the HD44780 keyword, the list dramatically narrows down to 0 :(


Hi I'm using the same LCD display, HD44780A00, beginner though:) , and may I ask you a simple question, in the sample code in Arduino 0015, the interface baud rate is 9600, when I tried to change it, it won't wok, it there a way to change the baud rate to higher value? like 38400. Thanks!~ :)

You'll need to check the datasheets on those displays, and do some googling. E.g., the datasheet for one of the first displays on your list says it has a KS0070B controller, and a google search says it's HD44780-compatible. It's always possible that it's only compatible when used in certain ways, of course. But at least it's a good bet.


Tnx Ran Talbott, I thought I had to find "HD44780" in the datasheet, while what I have to do is to look for the controller (in this case KS0070B) and then google "HD44780 KS0070B". Tnx again!

@Lynn: no clue sorry :(