LCD DISPLAY FOR BCF2000 midi conroller

Hello! I am new to this and I dont know a lot about he displays but I am interested in making an LCD Display for my midi controller, Behringer Bcf2000. I want to be able to have visual feedback of what I am controlling with the bcf2000. I found this page in a website I am planning on using longer displays like 2x24 so they fit on the bcf.

The link shows the LCD display connected to the board and the board connected to midi out of the BCF2000. In the paragraph it says that it shows the midi messages from the bcf2000. I would like to be able to see the parameters of the tracks I am mixing. Like volume of tracks 1- 8 and things like that. Is this what I need? Thanks!




Don't get upset. The problem is that your post does not really have any question in it. Link you are referring to has pretty detailed instructions and detailed explanation of capabilities. Whatever question you have here you should be able to find answer there, if you read it carefully. It should be able to do what you need, maybe with some code modifications. It does require pretty good knowledge of object. If you are really new to it you should first learn Arduino. Teaching you from the beginning is so involved - few will do it.

When building such device, if you stumble upon problems with display - you come here.

For other MIDI related questions - look in MIDI and SOUND forum.

Good luck!

Hey hello!

Thanks for replying.

Yeah, I think I can get it to work the way it says.

If i need anything else i will post!