LCD display issues 16x2

Hi guys,

recently taken up the challenge of getting an LCD output working as I found a 14 pin LCD display with a Hitachi HD44780 driver. The down side was there was no data sheet with the screen so I've been using standards found on google.

So far, when i fire it up I can only get 1 row out of the two to light up with solid squares. Does this mean the screen is faulty or have I miss connected one of the leads?
the second mystery comes when I use the liquid crystal tutorial, the squares are wiped off the screen and I am no longer able to see ANYTHING ( the print didnt work..)

any suggestions are much appreciated..

From memory, one row is normal, at least for me. As for why it went blank, that is another question. But I wouldn't worry about one row of boxes.

Besides, this is the LED section, not the LCD one. There have been heaps of discussions recently about getting LCDs to work. :slight_smile:

From memory, one row is normal, at least for me.

This is normal.

Have you got the enable and r/w lines connected up correctly>