LCD Display to text (preferably excel)

I am completely new here, so I am going to start of by saying I don't know anything and if you could please explain to the best of your ability it would really help me.

I have a hot wheels radar gun that I am trying to use to track the speed of baseball pitches. I would like to save the speeds displayed on the LCD to excel to track improvements over time. Is this possible? If so what do I need to buy

Google "arduino to excel" for many pages.

My main concern is getting the info to the Arduino. How can I take all the data from the LCD display and save it?

So the radar gun has a LCD and you want to intercept and decode the signals going to the LCD from the radar gun electronics for input to the PC and Excel? Do you have a schematic of the radar gun that you can post?

To intercept and decode signals on the segments of an LCD display is very difficult, as they are multiplexed and use alternating DC voltages.

Someone may have hacked the radar gun to get the information out some other way. Google would know.