lcd display V,I and P from the e-gizmo ac power analyzer w/ arduino

greetings! im an electrical engineering student. im new to arduino. can someone help me to display voltage, current and power through lcd from e-gizmo ac power analyzer with the use of arduino uno? im sorry if it is very spoon feeding but i dont have an idea on how to start the code. please help me. :) i know how to display a word to lcd but i dont know how to integrate and display values from datas of ac power analyzer.

Hi, How about linking us to what a e-gizmo ac power analyzer is and its spec/data and op manual please. How does it communicate with the outside world?

Tom.... :) yan po yung ac power analyzer.

the analyzer will measure the voltage,power, current, etc of a load. my thesis needs to display it(the measurements) in an lcd(2x16). i guess the analyzer will send the data to arduino and the arduino will process to display it in an lcd.

Hi, How does it communicate with the outside world?

Tom... :)

what? i cant understand. please specify

Hi, Have you even tried google? Google e-gizmo ac power analyzer arduino

If this is a college project you should have resources on campus to help. Advice from your supervisor, go and find someone in IT to talk to? When were you give the project and when is it due?

Do you have the arduino IDE loaded and tried some of the examples, such as blink?

Tom... :)


You have the document, right? Go to page 5 and get the board connected to a PC. It sends out information to a serial port. You need something that catches the information and displays it on a PC. Get something like this:

Follow the document's instruction and see what information is displayed. The module may also accept commands you send to it via serial. You should play with it until you understand. This will not involve an arduino until you understand how to talk with the module first.

thank you sir liudr but i what to display it on a lcd.

marjocu: thank you sir liudr but i what to display it on a lcd.

Let me rephrase it for you: Do it one step at a time.


marjocu ,nakuha mu na bah ang code?....plz pki share also and electrical engineering using that for my u searh studies...can you help me out?..tnx a lot.

It is good to see such promise and talent in the next generation of electrical engineers!