LCD display with buttons

I see these on sale at Ebay for a few dollars. If I design a project enclosure with this, does anyone have a good way to get the 5 buttons to be used from the outside of the enclosure in a nice professional look? There's great for pushing when on a proto board, but how do you create an enclosure and still have a finished look to it?

But I don't know since I'm seeing what you saw so why not posting a link to the ebay item so we can all look at it and see if it will work for your project?

...sorry, I thought there was only one shield that had a keypad & a display on it...

To answer your question, this will do:

You may have trouble unsoldering the push buttons if you can't get the bare PCB and assemble it yourself.

Yeah, there are many LCD shields. I've not seen this one before but have seen a very similar one. This ebay seller didn't say who designed it and its disclaimer strongly suggests that it just nabbed the design from the net and made it so it can sell it. If you are the unhappy designer, you should complain to them, like they care. There is no documentation, instructions, which pin is doing what. Here is what I think a shield should include: full documentation and example codes, like the one I designed. Not trying to peddle my shield but if there's no documentation I wouldn't buy it.

Just in case you're planning for your enclosure down the road, here is something that might help: