LCD display with ILI9341

Hey, short question:


ILI9341 Test! Display Power Mode: 0x94 MADCTL Mode: 0x48 Pixel Format: 0x5 Image Format: 0x80 Self Diagnostic: 0xC0 Benchmark Time (microseconds) Screen fill 28889824 Text 1491584 Lines 14102068 Horiz/Vert Lines 2367200 Rectangles (outline) 1510220 Rectangles (filled) 60350228 Circles (filled) 6924248 Circles (outline) 6152856 Triangles (outline) 3202820 Triangles (filled) 19834192 Rounded rects (outline) 2896016 Rounded rects (filled) 59666436 Done!

Is my Display OK?

LG Willi

Sorry. What did I want to know? I ran this display without a level shifter. I only got a white screen. Can someone tell me if the display is defective.