LCD DV-24200-S1FBLY (KS0066 chip)

I have a bunch of these Data Vision DV-24200-S1FBLY LCD modules. They are 24x2 displays with a 14-pin interface. The information I've seen indicates that the KS0066 chip used on them is HD44780 compatible. Links to some data:

Product at Data Vision Website


I also have some 20x4 displays from a different manufacturer that I have been using successfully in 4-bit mode with the LiquidCrystal library. The pinout for both of the displays is the same.

When I plug in the DV-24200, all I get is garbled junk.

I have been over the connections several times to make sure the right pins are connected to the right places, and all seems in order.

Any suggestions from the hive mind?


Hi, I also have a Datavision 24x2 lcd display, I wire it up with 4 wire method. Everything works ok but it only display 8 characters, in both lines.

An ascii art showing it:

if I send the string: "12345678aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb"

Only displays this:


Any sugestion?

I'm using arduino IDE 0012, freeduino 1.22 and the sample "Serialdisplay.pbe" and "helloworld.pbe" with same result in both.