LCD for arduino DUE

I have an arduino DUE and I want to add a small LCD to display the results of my program, but I'm still confused about finding a suitable lcd for the DUE, because I have to look for one with the same voltage as the DUE, which is 3.3v so as not to damage the DUE, I need a recommendation for that.

LCD are available for 3V3 also. For example this offer - just pick the right version. I have used this seller for several orders in the past, they are ok.

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Go onto somewhere like eBay and do a search for;

LCD 3.3V

You will see a wide choice of LCDs, TFTs and OLEDs for 3.3V operation.

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Any HD44780-based LCD module should operate with 3.3 V logic (when powered by 5 V).

As long as the R/~W pin is grounded, it will never put any voltage on its interface.

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