LCD für Arduino

Hey everyone,

a quick question, what be a suitable LCD for me when i have a project with 20 different voltage outputs and i wanna display all of those voltages on the LCD? is there for example an LCD maybe with 7 lines and i can seperate each line for 3 parts?

What is the best LCD for my case? i would prefer I2C Bus.


It would be easier to find one or more LCDs that meet your requirement and then ask which work with the Arduino.

Everyone wants a bigger LCD. I’m using a 20x4LCD for a project and wish it was 20x5. If I had 20x5 I would probably find a need to want a 20x6.

Problem is we don’t know where you are, and what you can buy nor from where. If you find some LCDs you can buy, then we can tell you if or how to make them work with the Arduino.

You could use two 20x4 LCD's if you want to. If you grab one with a I2C pack attached it's dead simple.

But really, it's more a matter what you want to display at a single time and how big. I mean, you can fit a lot on a small OLED but it's not very big. Fine it you use the project close range but you might want bigger if you're >1m away. Etc etc