LCD Interfacing

So I'm a beginner in the Arduino realm, and I've hit another of numerous snags in my development. I'm trying to interface a 2x16 Hitachi LCD screen with an Arduino Duemilanove. All the connections have been tested and found to be working properly. However, I came across numerous links all referencing this one in particular: It seems to have useful information at first, but then I discovered that it was for version 0006, and I have 0017. Anywho, if anyone knows where I can find an updated way to store the library into my computer properly so that I can interface with my LCD, I'd greatly appreciate it, or if there isn't one, if anyone happens to know what to do I would also appreciate the information. Thanks in advance.

Have you checked out the official LiquidCrystal library that came packaged with your Arduino download? It was revised for v0017 and works quite well.