LCD issue


I have just bougth a Uno R3 and a LCD display (ATM2004D, compatibel with HD44780). The Uno board runs perfectly, but I can not get the LCD working.

I have been testing the LCD example and connected the LCD according to:

but the display is all black. I have checked the connection several times, but there is no sign of life in the display.

Shouldn't I at least see that some LCD "light up" as power is applied or as I turn the potentiometer to control the contrast?

I start suspecting that the LCD is broken, does anyone have some good idea to test that?

The UNO board is supplied by USB


I have been testing the LCD example ...

If by 'the' you mean this one then you might try this one

Also: Some LCDs that have backlights are next to impossible to read unless the backlight is powered. Does yours have one? Have you connected it?

but the display is all black

This means your contrast (the voltage on pin 3) is set incorrectly. It should be less than 1 volt.

If none of this helps then we are going to need to see a photo that clearly and unambiguously shows all of the connections between your LCD module and your Arduino. We will also need to see a copy/paste version of the code that you are actually using, not a link to the code that you think you are using.