LCD Menu for Exhaust Fan for Hospital (Covid Ward)


I am building an Exhaust Fan system for Hospital which has 9 fans
These Fans has to be run on temperature and timer.

Fan 1 needs to be run on 26 C and off at 28 C
And has to be run like 3 minutes on and 1 minute off
Like wise 8 other fans.

Purpose of this it to have pleasent envoiroment within covid ward.

but these timings need to be change depending on Ambient envoiroment. Hospital staff could change temperatures, but I am looking for easy to use menu to do it.

I google it and found many menus but it’s too complicated and most of them dont explain storing of values: like if user selected on at 28 and off at 26 C then how to store it.

If someone has already done something like this, then would appriciate if could share.

My initial idea is to use push button rotary encorder to keep user interface simple.
This menu would be hookup ongoing coding of my project which includes millis for timer control and DS18B20 sensor for temperature control

Project is kind of rush type.

If the project is kind of a rush, how much coding and testing have you done?

What is the question? Have you posted the Schematic, not a frizzy thing. What are your power sources? If in the US what local, state and federal regulations do you need to meet. What authority is going to approve your design? Who has the insurance if something fails and somebody gets hurt or killed? What is the approval rating of the components. These are just a few of the questions you need to look into. I think this may be classified as a medical device.

As you layout your hardware you must be very cautious that voltage spikes from the different fans going on or off do not adversely effect the Arduino.

I would recommend you enable the Watch Dog Timer to restart the system in the event of a voltage spike locking up the device.

Layout and judicious application of capacitors is most important.

I know the DS18B20 are not typically filtered. Perhaps someone with DS18B20 experience can provide pointers to make them EMC capable with a processor. I would use the DS18B20 in the powered mode (3 wires) , not the parasitic mode (2 wires)

Don’t use an Arduino in projects that could harm someone.

Currently we are turning fans on/off manually.
I have done earlier thermostat projects.
Ofcourse, project would be tested before applied

I have worked with relays and contactors, please do not worry about basics. I know high voltages.
DS18B20 has nothing to do with high voltage.

The project has to be done in Pakistan at local hospital.
Our approval rules is that district electric inspector would verify the project.
It’s not classified as medical device as it’s a fan and even if off for a period could not harm.
as replied earlier, project will be passed through district electric inspector.
I know in west safety is prime concern, but rest assure, we would do same

Is it possible to build automated menu online along with defining of variables?

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