LCD Menu with Quadrature encoder best method.

Can anyone suggest the best method for creating a menu system using LCD and encoder. I have seen Menubackend as one way but also seen a menu using switch statements. I think you could even use separate funtions.

which one is more effiecient. Any help would be appreciated.

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I assume you’d display a list of choices, use the encoder to move a selection through the choices, and have some scheme for actioning the currently-selected choice.

Seems to me that the simplest approach would be to have a finite state machine with one state per menu indicating which menu was currently displayed, a substate to show the currently-selected item in the current menu, and common code to read the encoder events and update the currently-selected item. You could extract out a lot of the common functionality by defining a data structure that described the appearance of a given menu (the number of items, the label for each item), you could extend that to define the behaviour associated with each menu item if you wanted - but for a simple life I’d just start with the dumb and straight forward approach with separate code for each menu and each menu item. The most obvious way to implement the outer state machine would be by switching on the state.