LCD menu

Im trying to find a way to enter my code an LCD menu To enter the temperature and fan settings

#include "DHT.h"                        
#define DHTPin 2                        
LiquidCrystal lcd(1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7); 
float tempC;  
int fanPin = 8;
int ledrPin = 13;
int ledvPin = 11;
int heatresestancePin = 12;
char buzzer = 9;

DHT dht;

void setup() {
 pinMode(fanPin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(ledrPin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(ledvPin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(heatresestancePin, OUTPUT); 
void loop() {

 float tempC = dht.getTemperature();
 float humi = dht.getHumidity();
 if (tempC >36)
digitalWrite(fanPin, LOW);

 digitalWrite(ledvPin, LOW);
digitalWrite(ledrPin, HIGH);

 for(int note=700;note<2000;note++)
   tone(buzzer, note, 125);
   delay (1);
 for(int note=2000;note>=700;note--)
   tone(buzzer, note, 125);

digitalWrite(fanPin, HIGH);

 digitalWrite(ledvPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(ledrPin, LOW);

if (tempC <37)
 digitalWrite(heatresestancePin, LOW);

  digitalWrite(heatresestancePin, HIGH);
 lcd.print("Temp: ");
 lcd.print(" C");
 lcd.print("Humi: ");
 lcd.print(" %");


OK, first things first.

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