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Tips For Choosing The Right King Platform Bed For Your Bedroom

Purchasing a platform bed may seem very easy if you do not know that there are certain things you should consider before selecting your favorite. Just like choosing a mattress, you should carefully select a bed frame for you to have a good night's sleep.

On average, people spend approximately eight hours every day sleeping, and with that much time, you must select a bed that offers not only style but also comfort and quality. Below is a couple of tips that will help you choose the right platform bed for your bedroom.

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Check The Mattress Size

If you already have a mattress at home, you should take note of its measurements. You should use a king platform bed with a king-size mattress for a perfect fit. The good thing about all platform beds is that they work well with any mattress type, as long as the size is right. However, do not be tempted to use water or air mattress on the bed.

When it comes to choosing a mattress for a platform bed, you do not have to consider much as the platform bed will come with wooden slats for supporting the mattress, unlike standard beds that require a box spring.

Consider Your Bedroom Size

The bedroom size is one factor that most people ignore when purchasing a king size platform bed. A king-sized platform bed generally measures 76 inches in width, 80 inches in length, and occupies ample space. If you do not have a lot of space in your room, you should not buy the king size platform bed, consider a smaller size, and that fits.

Moreover, a spacious room would look better and more stylish than a squeezed room. Take note of the room measurements before buying the bed. It is advisable to leave three feet around the bed on either side to give you enough space for movement.

Consider Your Bedroom Décor

Your bed must match the bedroom décor as a bed is the main focal point in a bedroom. If your theme is traditional, choose a bed that depicts classic traditional vibes and if the theme is a modern one, choose a contemporary king size platform bed.

There are many platform beds with different styles and different finishes which you can choose. You are the one who knows your taste and style the most, and this should be an easy task for you. If you are not certain about it, seek advise from a professional to help you choose one that matches your bedroom décor.

Check the height of the bed

To most people, checking the height of a bed is considered an afterthought but should actually be the main focus. The height of a bed dictates how easily you can get on and out of bed. To check if the bed frame is of the right height, sit at the edge and place your feet on the ground. If your feet are left dangling in the air or are not completely flat to the ground, the bed height is too high.

Also, you should check your knees; if they form a right angle, the height is perfect. Choosing the correct height is important as it can also impact your physical health, especially for those with pre-existing knee conditions.

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The Cost Of The Bed

Different bed types and styles are offered at different prices. This is something you should consider so that you can avoid overspending on one thing. However, in some situations, the more expensive a bed is, the higher its quality and vice versa. If you want a sophisticated king-sized platform bed, be ready to spend a lot, but the price will be lower if you want a simple design.

Make sure the bed you choose is of the best standard even if the price is lower. It is important to get a platform bed that will last you a long time.

The Quality Of The Platform Bed

The most important thing a bed should have is high quality. Confirm that the material used to make the platform bed is of good quality and that the bed itself is stable and sturdy. You do not want to buy a bed that will shake every time you move in the bed or one that has squeaking sounds.

As mentioned earlier, the higher the quality a bed has, the higher the price, so if you want a bed of outstanding quality, be prepared to use a good amount of cash. To add to that, make sure that the materials used are long-lasting and easy to clean. For instance, if you want an upholstered bed, check the quality of the fabric.

Consider The Storage Options

If your house is lately running out of storage space, you should consider getting one that has storage facilities. Extra storage facilities in the bed help you organize your bedroom better than someone who has placed items in the corner of the room.

You can get a platform bed with side drawers or one with a hydraulic system. A hydraulic system is much easier to operate as you can easily access the items under your bed by clicking a button. This is also a great way of exploiting the space that lies idle under every bed.


Choosing the right king-sized platform bed for your bedroom might seem like an easy task if you do not consider all these factors. The guidelines tackled above will help you choose the right type, style, and bed standard for your bedroom.

Whatever the situation, make sure the platform bed you choose is of the highest quality and never compromise quality because of the price. However low the price is, get a platform bed that is of good quality. Everyone wants a bed that will last a long time. All in all, keep in mind that a bed should be comfortable as it is the one place, we lay our heads after a long day working or running errands.

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