LCD module wiring with Arduino Mega 2560

I have a MakerHawk 1.6" 130x130 LCD module that I am trying to connect to my Mega. The documentation shows the need for an ESP8266 D1 Development Board that I don't have and I don't think need. How do I wire and code it? I have looked at all threads that are similar to my situation, and none have the solution I am looking for.

My usage of the display is just to display text, and sometimes, images. My ports are as follows

VCC // 5V
GND // Ground

Please post a link to the actual screen that you bought. e.g. Ebay sale page.

Yes, I could Google. But if we have the genuine link we know exactly what hardware you have got.

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The display is safe to use with a 5V Mega2560.

Just connect:

VCC    // 5V
GND    // Ground
SDA    51 MOSI
SCK    52 SCK

There are several libraries that support this display. They have constructors that require CS, RST, DC, LED arguments. So allocate pins to suit your wiring. And specify these pins in constructor.
Avoid digital #0, 1, 50 but all other pins can be used.

I have a library but it is not public.
ZinggJM has a library
LCDWIKI has a badly_spelled library



wait so GPIO is any digital pin. and 51 52 are the ones that have to be in that specific spot?

Yes, 51, 52 are Hardware SPI pins. So you must use those specific pins for SDA, SCK.

I strongly advise you to use a different colour wire for each connection and write down the colour with the pin names. e.g. GREEN SCK, 52 or ORANGE RST, 48

It will help you check your wiring. And if you post a photo, readers can check too.