Lcd on breadboard thick pins

I've had this happen before. The pins on the lcd 16x2 header are thick. Well, thick is relative but thicker for the breadboard I have
. Of course the other side of the coin is that the breadboard are bad quality items.

Be that as it may, I tried hooking one up and it doesn't light up. The lcd is good because I've tried it on another setup and the lcd works fine.

My question is, what other way is there that you guys might recommend for hooking an lcd up? I thought of soldering to a perf board but I would have to solder male tipped jumpers to another row of holes and then join both rows with some hook wire.

You can get female to male jumpers. I've used them to connect an LCD to a breadboard.

Simply solder 22 AWG solid wire to the LED leads and insert them vice the leads. That will connect the LED to the board while not damaging it.