Hi everyone,

I have "OPEN-SMART 3.5 TFT LCD/W TOUCH SCREEN RM68140 display", and Arduino Mega 2560 R3.

So far, i have only white screen on my display, and these are messages from serial monitor:

TFT LCD test
Using OPENSMART 3.5" TFT Breakout Board Pinout
TFT size is 320x480
Serial took 0ms to start
ID = 0x6814
Benchmark Time (microseconds)
Screen fill 5933448
Text 41712
Lines 4917700
Horiz/Vert Lines 169856
Rectangles (outline) 104856
Rectangles (filled) 4716688
Circles (filled) 1475560
Circles (outline) 2076184
Triangles (outline) 1368096
Triangles (filled) 2379368
Rounded rects (outline) 636956
Rounded rects (filled) 5364284

This is link of library: 3.5inch TFT LCD Breakout - Google Drive
This is link of tutorial: OPEN SMART 3 5inch TFT LCD RM68140 with Touch Screen tutorial for Arduino - YouTube
This is link of my LCD display: OPEN-SMART 3.5 inch 480*320 TFT LCD Touch Screen Breakout Board Module with Touch Pen for Arduino UNO R3 / Nano

Please help me,

From your link:

  • Compatibility: Because the logic level is 3.3V, it is compatible with 3.3V Arduino board, you generally need to add a level conversion circuit if you use a 5V Arduino Board (Arduino UNO R3 / Arduino Mega2560 / Arduino Leonardo).

Please show a schematic and photo of your thirteen 3.3V level-shifter channels.

Then I will show you how to run software.

Alternatively buy the Open-Smart board shown on the video. Switch it to 3.3V. as shown in the video. Plug in the display. Everything will work nicely.