lcd.print instead of serial.print

hello everyone

i am using a gsm shield to send some variables to my website through AT commands and the sketch is full of myserial.print functions etc. In my project i need to show all this information (and to read from a keypad instead of serial monitor), in an LCD1602 screen. Can anyone tell me if this is possible?

Thanks in advance.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible?

Within the limitations of a screen 16 characters wide and 2 lines deep, probably, depending on the availability of pins to drive the LCD and read the keypad.

Have you got an LCD screen and keypad ?

Yes i got these

I dont mind if i have to clear the lcd as many times it needs. i just need to make this work.

Which Arduino are you using, what else is connected to it and which pins are being used ?

Have you managed to write to the LCD and read from the keypad ?

i am using Arduino Mega and i 've connected a gsm shield, an nRf24L01+ module, a 2channel relay, the lcd and the leyboard. So far my project was fully functional. I was able to print data to the screen as well as read keys from keypad.

The problem is that i want the output info of the AT commands as well as the httpread requests to print in my lcd instead of the serial monitor.