LCD Problems. HELP?


I have just received the an Liquid crystal display, with: (Top to bottom) GND, VCC, SDA, SCL.
on the chip it says: (Left to right) YwRobot arduino LCM1 602 IIC V1.

When I plug it in to the arduino (pin 5 to 2) and upload a sketch, the LCD turns on, But doesn't do anything apart from a blue screen, that would turn on and off once in 5 seconds.

Please find picture attached.
Modified: I also don't have the 4 cable adapter what you see in this picture, Which leaves only one question: Where do I put the pins in????

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Arduino UNO:
SDA - A4
SCL - A5

see Wire - Arduino Reference

You must use Serial LCD library - LiquidCrystal_I2C.h - unfortunately there are different versions. I use this:

What Arduino type are you using?

On a UNO, SDA and SCL are located at A4 and A5, or 20 and 21 on a MEGA.

Unfortunately, you can't just 'plug it in' as the GND, VCC, SDA and SCL pins are not next to each other thus the need for the '4 cable adapter what you see in this picture'.

I am using a Arduino Uno
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Where can I find this "4 cable adapter"? and, is there a way to make one, or one that does the job for the time being?

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You can just use 4 wires, soldered to the pins if necessary.

This tutorial might provide some assistance Arduino I2C Use | I2C/SPI LCD Backpack | Adafruit Learning System

Thanks bud! I will give it a go right away!

Thanks for your reply!

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