LCD QVGA Arduino shield

Glad to see there is still brilliant support for this :smiley:


when i try to run the photo frame example i get a solid red screen

I'm getting a red screen is well. Tried two different SD card but still have the same problem.

whoami , your "SD card sample code Photoframe Arduino.rar” are not Arduino sketch files. I think they are from AVR Studio and it won't compile under the Arduino IDE.

sk_uk, we have 2 version avr studio and arduino. You can find arduino library and all example in cid.rar. Other is for avr studio. see readme.txt for more information.

download new cid.rar. It fixed some bug in sdcard library. And try it again.

sdcard example is in examples\sdbmp\sdbmp.pdb. you need cid library copy to c:\arduino-00xx\hardware\libraries\cid sdcard library copy to c:\arduino-00xx\hardware\libraries\sdcard set macro #define Reverse to reverse BMP display in file lcdtft.h. In normal case is not use reverse.

BMP take more code and memory. using arduino 168/328 is ok.

I found problem on some card slot. It's not fit. Some time I unplug and insert it again. In last demo file. I print out error code that return form sd card. you can track an error. error code can find on sdcard\pff.h

/* File function return code (FRESULT) */

typedef enum { FR_OK = 0, /* 0 / FR_DISK_ERR, / 1 / FR_NOT_READY, / 2 / FR_NO_FILE, / 3 / FR_NO_PATH, / 4 / FR_INVALID_NAME, / 5 / FR_STREAM_ERR, / 6 / FR_INVALID_OBJECT, / 7 / FR_NOT_ENABLED, / 8 / FR_NO_FILESYSTEM / 9 */ } FRESULT;

whoami, got it working now but your instruction is not quite right. I had to move the SDcard and Streming directory to libraries directory. So it looks like:

/libraries/CID /libraries/SDcard /libraries/Streaming

The example works and I've got a picture like this:

Hyperjer you might want to try my library setup. I've zipped up the lot.

sk_uk, nice to your picture. please read file readme.txt for installation.

see below FILES lcdtft.cpp LCD TFT QVGA SSD1289 driver lcdtft.h common define LCD interface lcdfont.cpp LCD font disply routine lcdfont.h common define font interface touch.cpp touch screen driver touch.h common define touch screen interface f20x19.h english font file sdcard folder contain sdcard library (copy to \arduino-00xx\hardware\libraries\sdcard) ds1307 folder contain ds1307 library (copy to \arduino-00xx\hardware\libraries\ds1307) Streaming folder contain streaming library (copy to \arduino-00xx\hardware\libraries\Streaming) font floder contain FontEditor examples floder contain example project .. .. USAGE copy all file to \arduino-00xx\hardware\libraries\cid

Library provide by CID are in cid folder. Other place in there folder. Many library not provide cid. you must copy to \libraries\xxx

all library \cid \ds1307 \sdcard \streaming

thank. I will improve for easy installation.

ps. Your picture is reverse or not. Do you change #define Reverse in lcdtft.h to reverse direction?

hmmm when I went to try the streaming i get this error?

error: no match for ‘operator<<’ in 'LCD << “BL-TFT240320PLUS\012”'C:\arduino-0017\hardware\libraries\Streaming/Streaming.h:51: note: candidates are: Print& operator<<(Print&, const _BASED&)

Hyerjer, if you download my zipped file and tried the streaming_example.pde it should compile ok.

The example is at: \libraries\Streaming\Examples\streaming_example\

Ok i cleared out all the old files and unzipped the new ones :) works good

Still having trouble with the sd card though I made this program to try and debug the connector

Also my shield is arrived ;D !! This is a very great product, touch screen is fantastic. My only trouble has been soldering the strip because the TFT is attached to the pcb. The examples are great, just the clock seem do not work. Now I'm investigating if problem is hardware or software.

Brilliant news. I will be ordering mine soon!


I cannot find any datasheet for this showing the board sizing and hole positioning. Does anyone know of one? If someone can accurately measure the board for me then I will happily send you a cover for it free of charge once I know what size to make them…


The center of the 4 holes : 63.5x91.5mm External shield : 69x97mm LCD TFT : 79x58mm (it's locate in the exact center of the shield) Anyway, in the package there is a white cover.

Bye ;)

Brilliant, thanks.

How big are the holes?

Yes I am aware that there is a white cover in the package. Is is white round the edges and clear in the middle or is it just white round the edges and a hole in the middle? It does not connect to the board though to hold the board to it. I presume you just use double sided sticky tape or some kind of glue...

[edit]Edit: Of course it is just white round the edges as otherwise the touch screen would not work! :P[/edit]


Hole diameter : 3mm At today I've the cover not fixed. The best method, maybe, is to drill 4 holes on the cover and with screw and spacer, do a sandwich :)

Is there any chance you could give me the dimensions from the sides of the LCD to the visible part of the display, with the 'buttons' on the bottom and without the 'buttons' on the bottom.

Thanks a lot,


The LCD is locate in the exact center of the shield, the visible part with/without button : 52x72mm / 52x66mm


Thanks a lot.

I will keep you updated as to what happens :)



have anybody tried the display with an ethernet shield? I got the display working with the ethernet shield, but only when I disconnect the touchscreen controller (ads7843). When I connect the touchscreen controller to the SPI ports (Pin 11,12,13), the ethernet shield stops working. I tried already to set CS of the touch contorller (Pin 9) to high. Have anyone a suggestion, how to solve this?

Thanks Thorsten

I've read about correct order for initialize ethernet shield on this display, but don't remember where :( I'm continuing looking on documentation....

i've the problem solved.

the miso (pin 11) goes never to a high impendance, because it's driven by buffer chip (ic7) on the tft/touchscreen shield. >:(

so you never can share the spi ports with other shields. :(

for testing i've soldered the ethernet shield to the internal pins (miso,mosi,sclk) of the tft shield and than ethernet is working.