LCD Screen Help

Yes, I figured that out very quickly after people told me that 5V will damage a 3.3V display. I don't think it is damaged though. Well that's how it goes when you buy something that has so many different features that you just buy the cheapest one. :-/

I know the feeling... Normally it is better to buy 5V parts unless you know that you have a 3.3v board. That comment's not much help now though :(


@Duemilanove I have purchased some 16x2 LCD (5V) for $3 each + free shipping from ebay and the quality is as good as the other expensive 16x2 LCDs!

I've seen a lot of low price electronics popping up on ebay recently. I bought my LCD (same as this) for £14 not so long ago. In the link above there were 3 for sale, so I bought them all for £6 all in. No postage, can't go wrong if they work, thanks for the heads up. :)

If you search ebay for 16x2 LCD there are always lot of LCDs near that price, like this one here: $3 + free shipping

PS. since you have bought all 3 LCDs, I have edit the above link, with a new one who still has some LCDs available.

That seller is out. This seller has the same for the same price. Seems ot have lots of them for sale....

Just ordered one. We'll see if good or garbage! 8-)

Just ordered one. We'll see if good or garbage!

I have not had an issue with cheap 16x2 LCDs off ebay so I would have thought it's a pretty safe bet they'll be fine.


Excellent! Thanks. I'm really looking forward to hacking on this.