LCD Shield as Serial Monitor

Hello, Am pretty new to Arduino and could use some pointers. Am currently using an Arduino UNO to see a string of data and sending the data to the Serial Monitor in the ArduinoCC program for display. Rather than needing a PC running a serial monitor connected to the Arduino, I would like the Arduino to send data to an LCD shield. I have just purchased a cheep one from ebay. Any ideas on where to start would be welcomb. Presumably I need to wire out of the USB connector and back into the LCD shield along with a code change to redirect the printed Ascii to shield or something ?

LCD shields don't take serial.

Connect your LCD screen to your Arduino, and start writing your stuff to it, instead of writing it to Serial. As added bonus, you can do some formatting and place text where you want it on the display.

There are a number of different LCD shields. They are not necessarily the same so we need to know which one that you have.

But once that you have the LCD working and can print to the LCD, then (depending on the library used) it is mostly a matter of changing Serial.print() to LCD.print(). Since LCD.println() will not work on an LCD you will need to manipulate the cursor (LCD.setCursor(col, row) to print on the next (or any) line.

Hifolks, many thanks for the replies. Here is a link to the display shield.Do I need to find a library for it before I control it ?

No technical details, no data sheet, I don't even see a part number - ebay ads are worthless to say "this is the part!". How is it wired? What interface does it use? There's the mention of "touch" even.

Res862: Do I need to find a library for it before I control it ?

Not strictly necessary, but doing so will make life a lot easier for you. Though you first have to figure out what you really have there.

You would be better off as a beginner to use a simple 16x2 LCD display , there are examples for using this in the Arduino IDE which work well and are instructive . You can get these cheaply , see also:

Buying fancy displays off eBay, that are not widely recognised and don't have libraries to go with them is a task for the advanced user

Indeed, I did about a week of research before I could find a TFT on Ebay (well, TaoBao actually...) that I could confidently expect to work with a known library.

Yeah thanks guys - I just thought £2-86 was worth a punt. I didnt want a 16x2 line as the bus I am sniffing uses 16 BIT wide data words for each address and the program semds terminal data at a 32K baud rate so I would prefer to have all the data I need to see on one screen than a scrolling the display.There is a link on the ebay ad to some generic libraries so I will have a look whence more time.