LCD shield push button extensions

I am not sure if this is the correct sub-forum.

I have an LCD shield for my UNO which has pushbuttons. I would like to put the UNO and shield in an enclosure so that the LCD is viewable and the push buttons can be activated by maybe some sort of extension. Ideas please

There is a enclosure from Adafruit, available in transparent (link), white and smoke

But not really a solution for buttons, you have only an open area not a good solution for buttons. Also the case is a bit week (you can twist it a bit).

If you find an other better solution, I'm interested also. I would love a enclosure for an Arduino optional with one shield, LCD and a 2x2 button pad like this one from

I have seen a unit at one of the plants I visit - it has buttons on the outside of the case for controlling the electronics inside. I also googled searched this and found 2 that seem to offer a tailored solution and hope this is useful? :)

Something like this?

I was looking for a similar solution and found this on the interwebz.

Might be helpfull for some.

Sorry for bumping this old topic but as i stumbled upon it using google i figured more people might.