LCD shows to much white ligth


can someone help me, I bougt an LCD without pins to it, so I welded cables form the lcd to a breadboard. But when I then use the LCD the lcd shows white blocks, when I turn the LCD a bit I see the normal words on the LCD, but difficult to read.

Can someone help me?


trappie: Can someone help me?


Well, at least not until you give us the link to your LCD on a website, and/ or a perfectly focussed photograph of it. You see, our crystal balls are just not that good to be able to see what is in your hand. Didn't think of that, did you?

And just by the way, in English, we do not weld electronic circuitry together, we solder them.

Even better, also show us a (perfectly focussed) photo of your whole setup.

Can someone help me?

Have you adjusted the contrast potentiometer?