LCD Shows weird characters 16X2 Arduino Uno

In my circuit I have:
a motor connected to relay
a load sensor

When I connect the lcd without the other components it’s working perfect, but when I add the lcd to the other staff it shows me weird characters such as: #?, numbers, and sometimes nothing.
There are no problem in my code, for sure.
I guess that my problem is related to voltage, but I do not know how to fix it.
Is there a way to connect the lcd to relay? Will it solve my problem?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Try putting the term LCD weird characters into the search box at the upper right and see what comes up.


I've already done that, and I did not find a proper answer that fit to my problem.

Which possible solutions did you try?

Try adding motor (LCD weird characters motor) to narrow things down.


OK, let's get serious.

Getting serious means knowing about what we are talking.

You need to specify, which LCD, which load sensor, which relay unit and what your circuit is.

That means we need a proper circuit schematic, and Web links to each of the items. We know what an Arduino looks like, but - well, you didn't even mention an Arduino in your first post, so we don't know which one it might be.

And you then say "There are no problem in my code, for sure." How can you possibly know that?

Also, is the LCD directly connected to your Arduino or via I2C?

That is implicit in my challenge. :grinning: