LCD Smartie - garbage characters on LCD

Hi, just starting out with arduino, have 4 X 20 LCD and LCD SMARTIE. The LCD displays info from SMARTIE mixed with garbage characters. I have tried changing settings but can`t get rid of the garbage. Any suggestions would be appreciated. :-/

I’m guessing lcd smartie will be sending line feeds and other non printable characters, if the software on the arduino is sending these straight to the LCD it will display garbage.

To help more, more info is needed, what are you running on the arduino for a start :wink:

thanks for reply, am using SerialDisplay example from Arduino IDE modified for 4 X 20 display using pins 7,8,9,10,11,12. I am able to send text to the LCD via serial monitor. It seems to me that the data is getting thru, but the sketch isn`t interpreting it correctly. I probably just need to tinker a little more.

in that case it’s very likely lcd smartie will be sending bytes to your arduino to do things such as clear the screen, moving the cursor etc. you’ll need to write the code to handle these. First of all you’ll need to figure out exactly what lcd smartie is sending :slight_smile: