LCD Smartie use u8glib library help !!

Hi all , I am new player , I read , want use ST7920 SPI LCD screen and arduino nano make like 4 row 20 line LCD . I use u8glib/example/Console , but not success ,it always scroll up when serial read . And LCD Smartie if use HD44780 LCD driver , serial will send 254,71,1,1 is row 1 ,254,71,1,2 is row 2,254,71,1,2 is row 3 ,254,71,1,4 is row 4 , 254,88 is clear screen, please teach me and help , thank you sorry and forgive my poor english

Can you give a link to your display ?

128x64 Graphic LCD(ST7920 chip) thank you

Stick to one library, and try to make that work. For example the u8glib supports U8GLIB_ST7920_128X64_1X. Can you make that work ? You could use the graphics mode to write 4 lines of text.

It could be the way you have connected it. For example a ribbon cable would cause such problems. Or the display might be broken.

Can you make a photo of the wiring ?

thank you your help , Yeah , the display is work now . Another question void loop(){

byte rxbyte; byte temp; int row = 0; rxbyte = serial_getch();

if (rxbyte == 254) //Matrix Orbital uses 254 prefix for commands { switch (serial_getch()) { case 71: //set cursor position row = (serial_getch() - 1); //get column byte switch (serial_getch()) //get row byte { case 1: row = 0;//row1 break; case 2: row = 1;//row2 break; case 3: row = 2;//row3 break; case 4: row = 3;//row4 break; default: break; } LCDA.setCursor(row,0); break; How can i use u8glib library to Set Cursor ? thank you