LCD specific info for Arduino uno rev3 + basic info about shield

Hi all,
the first i apologize to my bad english.

i'm a newbie and this si my first post.
I'm a java/Andrdoid/.net developer, so i'm an "hi-level developer" surely not low-leve expert.
I'm trying to build a trivial LCD multifuncional door bell vith Arduino.
i bought this cheap TFT touch screen

and i managed it successfully, displaying my surname and some simple graphics.
I used some tutorials and the Adafruit libraries.

But.. there is always a "but" when someone post on a forum :slight_smile:

  • I would turn on the display when a proximity sensor intercept someone.
  • I would ring the bel when display is touched
  • I would turn on the lcd light when a proximity sensor intercept a presence.
  • (nice to have) I would set remotely the surname by BT dongle.

In order to have this goal i need some Arduino free pin :slight_smile:

I searched for some documentation or datasheet unsuccessfully.
On the lower border of the shield i can see some free pin.
I never used a shield, can i sue the pin? what's the mapping on the Arduino board? Do you think the Arduino dedicate pin to serial are used by Shield?

A lot of questioj, i know.. but i'm a newbie.

Thanks in advance,