LCD T6963c with Arduino Help

Hello, i'm new in this area, i have to do an application where arduino its connected with a 22 pin graphic LCD, so if somebody can help, it would be wonderful.

I find some tutorial's but it doesn't explain the configuration of this lcd type.

LCD graph 160X128 T6963C Arduino Duemilanove

Thanks :)

Since the Duemilanove has 14 digital pins and 6 analog pins that can act as digital pins, you are going to be hard-pressed to attach a device that needs 22 pins.

Even if that includes +V and ground, there will be no pins left to connect anything else to.

Why that particular LCD?

Hi PaulS

The reason I use this LCD which is why it was the one chosen for this experiment. And I have to make it work with these tools.

The good thing is that I ordered and the LCD backpack, this is gonna make it easier because that convert it parallel to serial. Still have to investigate to find out how to implement it. jejej ::)

(still learning english too :P)

Those big LCDs are not as easy as the simple two-or-four-line-character-only ones. But only because it has 22 pins doesn't mean you need the 22 pins on your Arduino. There are people who succeeded, have a look here:

And maybe this helps you?