LCD TFT Pinout Customisation

Hello Arduino Community!

I am a new Arduino user and although I have managed to get a grasp of most of the basics, I am having issues with a specific project of mine that I would like to include 2 TFT screens.

More specifically, I am using a MEGA2560 R3 16U2 board and I would like to connect onto it 2 x 3.5" LCD TFT Screens, and I would love if I could get some help on this.

The Screens:

These screens have 12 x Digital, 5 x Analog, and 3 x Power Pins each, and are supposed to be used as a Shield on Arduino Uno or Mega.

The problem I am experiencing is that I do not want to use them as a shield, rather than customise their pinout layout so I can assign them to the pins I want, as these are not going to be the only components in my project. You can find a picture of my full project in development attached to this post, for reference, it includes 8 x LEDs, 6 x Touch TTP223 modules, 3 x Adafruit Trellis and 2 x these 3.5" TFT Screens.

To clarify, this is for my final university project, so I am looking to build a Midi controller, but I am at the stage where I am connecting all the components to the Arduino and ensuring all the code snippets I am making do work individually before I compile them to the master code.

The pin layout of the screen is attached to this post, and based on that, this is what I have in mind:

            SCREEN 1 (LEFT) PIN   |    SCREEN 2 (RIGHT) PIN
LCD_RST               A1          |            A6
LCD_CS                A2          |            A7
LCD_RS                A3          |            A8
LCD_WR                A4          |            A9
LCD_RD                A5          |            A10

LCD_D0                42          |            28
LCD_D1                43          |            29

LCD_D2                44          |            30
LCD_D3                45          |            31
LCD_D4                46          |            32
LCD_D5                47          |            33
LCD_D6                48          |            34
LCD_D7                49          |            35

SD_SS                 50          |            36
SD_DI                 51          |            37
SD_DO                 52          |            38
SD_SCK                53          |            39

I have been searching the internet for a few days, and although I have managed to find a great number of tutorials on how to use 1 screen as a shield with libraries such as Adafruit_GFX.h, Adafruit_TFTLCD.h, MCUFRIEND_kbv.h, SWTFT.h, and the UTFT.h, with all of them I experience the same problem.

I have no means of setting the definitions for all these pins manually so I can set them where I want them to be on the board. I have also tried to edit the libraries and their sublibraries but no luck.

Am I missing something here?

I would appreciate any kind of help as this is for my Uni project and time is of the essence at the moment!

Thank you for your time reading this! :slight_smile:

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