LCD TFT programming. Where to start?

I just received a LCD TFT shield for my mega and I have no idea what to do with it.
I downloaded the UTFT library but I have no idea how to code display. My knowledge is limited to the tutorials in this series Section 0: Familiarization: Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners (Re-mastered) - YouTube which are amazing but there aren't very many of them.
I look at the code for the display sketches and I have no idea how to interpret it or what the rules are behind all of the gibberish.

I can't seem to find any in depth tutorials on the matter, where do I begin?

You can start by posting a link to your LCD TFT shield.
I’m afraid that you are going to be exposed to a lot more “gibberish” on your way to achieving a working project.

See if the vendor of your shield can tell you what TFT library is used with it and where you can go to download that library. Once installed, look in the library directory where you installed it. If you installed it in a directory named ArduinoIDE, then look in the libraries subdirectory for the new library: (e.g., C:/ArduinoIDE/Libraries). If the library was named TFTDisplay, there is likely an Examples subdirectory: C:/ArduinoIDE/Libraries/TFTDisplay/Examples. Load and experiment with the programs found in the Examples directory. The programs may also have details on how the TFT display needs to be wired to the Arduino.

Your link suggests that you need the UTFT library: