LCD to display ESP32 camera feed

Is it possible to display the camera feed from an ESP32 camera (connected to an arduino) to an LCD display connected to another arduino either using WIFI, or RF? Or is this more a project for the raspberry pi?

What kind of LCD would I need?

Most people using the name "Arduino" uses Arduino UNO.
Which modell of '"Arduino" do You think of?
Why not let the ESP handle the display?

I have access to an arduino nano-RF, and an Uno. I'd prefer to use the nano-RF since I have 3 of them.
I prefer to let another arduino handle the display because I want the display to be portable. I also want the camera to be portable and on another module.

Try it! You need a graphic display. Resution of the picture, number if puxels? What's available for You?

Type of feed ?

Live moving images or still pictures ?

Format and resolution of pictures ?

You want to display your big jpg images (640x480) on a 40X2 LCD screen?

You'll have to downsize the image.

Live feed. Something fun for the kids. One to run around with the camera, the other can run around with the display. Not looking at 1080P or anything super. But it'd be nice if they can make out more than just pixilated/grainy images. Since the LCD will be small (2-3" display?) i'm thinking 240P for rez?

The image will be small. The LCD will be about 2-3" so resolution of 240P?

At least the resolution of your LCD display.

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