lcd to i2c

hi, i want to know if theres is any way to put a i2c interface on a standard alphanum hitachi lcd, hi have seen some libraries but only for specific solutions and all on beta testing.

Have some one a tested solution or library?


have seen some libraries but only for specific solutions

Well, that's kinda inevitable: embedded hardware isn't like PCs, where you have giant market players driving vendors to conform to standardized choices in chipsets and APIs, so hardware designs wind up reflecting the foibles and random choices of the developers.

Although I'm not too pleased with I2C interface I got from, I've read comments from other users that suggest they cleaned up most of the quirks that bothered me in later versions of its firmware. The one I have seems to work okay in serial mode, suggesting that the developer got in over his head trying to manage the faster data rate of I2C, and his code wound up losing characters (my main complaint). The last time I checked, he hadn't updated the documentation to clearly identify the commands that required a wait for execution after sending and how long a wait is required (my #2 complaint). So I give it a heavily-qualified, lukewarm recommendation: it's a cheap way to add I2C to an LCD, but the pejorative connotation of "cheap" definitely fits. But it does have a pretty good library supporting it, if I do say so myself (which I pretty much have to, since I'm one of the developers ::)).

I think a good project, that would make a nice contribution to the community, would be writing a library that's API-compatible with the existing LiquidCrystal, and interfaces with a "slave" Arduino (like an RBBB, or just an ATMega on a protoboard) via I2C. That's actually on my "to-do" list (along with doing the same thing for graphic LCDs), but far enough down that I'm not likely to get to it anytime soon. :(

Byvav sells an IC:

That does I2C interface to an LCD