i ll be doing a project for school and i need of arduino and a lcd touch , and i want to know if this can do the job :slight_smile: :

Project :
do a quiz game machine :slight_smile:

Yes, but it is recommended to connect it with the help of this adapter shield:

realy tks man :))

NP, can I suggest buying this LCD, because it's the same thing but cost less:

Or, if you didn't buy the arduino already, buy this pack:

I bought the same pack on ebay for 35€ (~45$) :)

yeah , but whats the diference between uno and mega2560?

More I/O pins, more memory. To use all the features of that LCD shield (touchscreen and SD card reader) you need an Arduino Mega :)

If you buy a Arduino Uno, then you need this shield to connect the display:

But then you won't be able to use all the features of the LCD.

I recommend the Arduiono Mega so no problems 8)

guix is absolutely correct on the board, shield, and mega. To further sweeten the deal... Order from amazon- sainsmart in your hands in a week. Order from dx-in about 7 days you will receive an email stating that your order has just shipped.