LCD troubles, it worked great, now nothing!

I got a really cool white on blue LCD on eBay and decided to get it up and running on my Arduino, so I followed this page:
I hooked up everything properly and deleted a few lines from the LiquidCrystal.cpp per instructions on the forum (compiler errors abounded otherwise). Then I uploaded the abc sketch, adjusted contrast and everything looked amazing! Perfectly sharp, great! I compiled and uploaded hello next, it loaded on, a cursor flashed once on the LCD, then nothing. The LED from pin 13 to ground is glowing away happily, nothing’s happening on the LCD. I can adjust contrast, but cannot get any kind of text to display. Even the abc sketch no longer works… I’ve gone over wiring a thousand times and even reheated all the solder joint of the header pins. Any ideas?!

Did you try unplugging the duino and lcd power and plugging them back in (LCD first if it matters)?

Just tried, it does the same thing as a reset, which is the same as I described before :cry:

What a stupid idiot I am! Some day my carelessness is really going to make me pay! I don't know why it bothered to work once, I didn't have pins 1 and 2 connected to +5V and GND. They were just floating... :-[ Awkward... Sorry to waste your time, guys!

Wow, you must have willed it to work the first time :slight_smile:

If your LCD is backlit, remember to put a suitable current limiting resistor in one of the wires for the backlight LED, otherwise it will burn out sooner or later. Trust me i tried :slight_smile: