LCD used from NISSEI please help to use it :)

Hi my english is not good but I think you can understand me and help. I've got a LCD from old nissei blood pressure. NISSEI DS115D . I'd like to use it with my arduino uno r3. The LCD works but I can't find any info how to connect . Could somebody help me please? photos :

OK, what you need to understand is that the capability to drive the actual LCD display is built into the one microprocessor chip that implements the BP machine. The alphanumeric displays commonly discussed here consist of an LCD panel and corresponding driver chips on the PCB.

The chip you illustrate is what is required to drive the particular panel you have. It is not related to an Arduino and probably not reprogrammable in any practical form. You can research the Web for its specifications and may fortunate enough to obtain data on it.

Just enjoy it as a BP machine! :grinning: