LCD visibility

Greetings all,

I'm looking to get a 20x4 LCD and I'm looking for advice on which color combination would be the best for outdoor use. I'm going to have to deal with the full range of ambient light levels from bright summer sunshine in the open to darkest night deep in the woods.

So which combinations of letter and background colors will be the most visible under the majority of conditions?

Thanks in advance.

I suppose it depends on whether you want to deal with a backlight or not. Some require it be on all the time, some don't.

I was using white on blue 4x20, as it was what was most readily available to me at the time. That required the backlight be on all the time for it to be readable (it simply doesn't display anything if it's off), but it was readable in pretty much any lighting conditions.

I've since switched to a more traditional black on green. Without the backlight on (extending battery life) it's visible in most daytime ambient light conditions, and you can turn on the backlight if things get a bit too dark. Works great, and I'll be using black on green for probably all my projects from now on.

My experience is similar. One addition, the black/white character on blue back drop works very nicely under bright sun light with no back light but is impossible to see indoors without the back light on.