LCD windows style interface and mega2560

Hi everyone,

I have been looking at quite a bit of lcd displays lately but cannot find one that I am looking for, maybe I am unsure what to look for.

I want to start working with a display that has libraries for this sort of look with the buttons like a windows interface Display Here

All I see are screens that you can write to or scroll across on. Is anyone using anything like what I am looking for? If only I can be pointed in the right direction.


I suspect you simply aren't looking hard enough. That display looks like some sort of touch screen LCD, of which there are quite a lot around, and the suppliers should point you to the appropriate library. The same applies to any prerequisite shield for the Mega.

Hmm, yes that display is an LCD touch screen with buttons. The only displays that i have come across that does anything like what I am asking for are for raspberry pi's. The picture I have in my post is a display that's for 3D printers. The only displays I have seen for Arduino are displays that you can scribble on, I haven't seen any that allows you to have your own custom icons to display a windows like interface.

This is the reason I asked if someone is already using a display like this already with a library that has a windows looking interface. Every library I have downloaded from different manufacturers are all examples for raspberry pi's.

There are some manufacturers that says their products have libraries for arduino, then you go to their site and there is none - and you don't get any help from them regarding libraries that they supposedly have.

Read the first sentence in reply#1 again - twice. There has been plenty of discussion about this sort of stuff on this Arduino forum, and you haven't said anything that clearly puts your requirement outside Arduino's bailiwick, indeed, a touch screen display would be pretty undemanding on any processor. Further, the item you show looks like the sort of thing Arduino could control just fine. I imagine it would be down to you to create the icons, by whatever means, no matter what MCU you use. The icons simply define the areas that you touch, and I bet one full screen picture with a swag of icons on it will do the job. In short, the icons per se are the least of your problems. What you need to research is the resolution if the touch facility, which I imagine determines the number and size of the icons.

There are library experts around here, like Olikrause and Pberrypap, who can advise. Most libraries are good for many displays. I believe extra code is required for touch screens, not included in the libraries.