Lcd with Esp32

In a YouTube video by Stephen hawes, he has made a smart watch using esp32, in that he has interfaced a TFT LCD directly without the lcd module(just the bare bone screen)

video link:

How exactly is the lcd interfaced with esp?

The connections, the code, etc without the drivers

(because the TFT LCD modules always comes with a driver ic, do does the esp does the job of the drivers also

and i want to use adafruit lcd library

refer to the ESP32 API I2S I2S - ESP32 - — ESP-IDF Programming Guide latest documentation

The I2S peripherals also support LCD mode for communicating data over a parallel bus, as used by some LCD displays and camera modules. LCD mode has the following operational modes:

LCD master transmitting mode

Camera slave receiving mode

ADC/DAC mode

He is not driving the "raw" LCD. It has a built-in controller.

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