LCD Word Clock

Idea: Arduino Mega + Ethernet Shield (NTP for time) + Sparkfun Color LCD Shield

Similar idea:

Difference: LCD Shield, no LED

Does anyone have an idea?

What LCD shield do you have in mind? The link you supplied uses a LED to shine through each letter mask and only lights the LED's needed to make up the required words, other LED's are not powered so those letters looks darker and don't register when you read the words. LCD is the mask so you could use inverse letters and allow the backlight to shine through them and blank (darken) the unused letters to stop the backlight. The question with using a LCD like this is why?

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TBR71: Difference: LCD Shield, no LED

It is just a small difference in the code. His loop goes

{ check time print to LED }

while yours would go { check time print to LCD }

Somebody else's might go

{ check time print to LED print to LCD }


That clock looks pretty stupid. You could probably do a better job with the Nokia.