Good afternoon I am new to this and I would like to know if someone can help me, I want to make a text appear in a project that I did. What I want is for it to say updating on the 16x4 lcd when I am recording the data to the board that handles the display.
or that a bar that is loading appears

Hi Matias,

I assume that your design includes some device (sensor?) that is connected to some microprocessor board (what? Arduino Uno? Nano? Mega? ESP8266?) and you want data displayed on a 16x4 LCD breakout (are you sure; most LCDs are 2x16 or 4x20). Or do you want lines of text displayed after the microprocessor has crunched the data ?


--> please specify e x a c t l y what your intention is (submit a diagram, picture, sketch)
--> please upload created your sketch so far

There's a lot of amateurs (myself) and experts (the other guys) that like to assist you!
Success, Photoncatcher

Good I did not already make the program with a sensor and 4x20 display, I was wrong in the description of the display, everything works well for me what I wanted is when I make a modification of the program and transmit it to the plate if it can be put, I am recording data to the board I repeat is when I modify and transmit the new data from the pc to the arduino one board

I made a program where I manage different relays on the 20x4 screen, I see the temperature data and which of the relays it enters.
I clarify I am new and I am learning what I want to know if it can be done that when I transmit an update from the PC to the arduino board if it can be put transmitting update and that it is seen in the 20x4 lcd, this is only when I update the software

The question here is - what does it mean when you describe “transmit an update from the PC to the Arduino board”?

If you mean data, then you simply write code to receive data from the USB interface, organise it in the form you want to display and write it to the display.

You would not be meaning to actually re-program to “update” the Arduino as once the code is working correctly, it will simply do its job. :grinning: