LCD12864 next menu option

Hi all, ive been working with an lcd12864 shield, im using u8g2 library and it all works fine. Im trying to figure out how to get it to go to another menu when i press the button on the joystick it has built into the PCB. Thanks in advance

In advance of... a miracle? Read your post back to yourself. How do you imagine we could help you on the basis of 1 sentence? You didn't even ask a question. You need to read the forum guide.

Asked a simple question of how do I get it to go into another folder when I click down on it
. Using the lcd12864 by dfrobot with the sample code provided on it's website

you gonna give me a solution or not? this is what this forum is for? [Mod edit rude comment removed].


Your rude comment has been removed, repeated posting of rude comments will result in a time out from the forum. The forum is to provide help, in order to do that you have to provide information on which to provide help, the information you provided falls well short of anything anyone can help with. Please read the forum guidelines linked to in reply #4.
Thank you.

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