LCD12864 w mega2560 problem (can't get it work)


My name is Damir from Croatia and I am new with arduino. I passed through basicly all tutorials and stil can't fix a problem.

I bought from hobbyking this lcd

and mega2560 board

I have connected them over sensor shield in parallel mode (tried serial also but no difference in result). Then I tried to use default examples in arduino and didn't get it work.. backlight works and delay but no text "hello world". Then I read that it needs other librarires.. I tried basicly all of them and I am not sure which one I need.. But still no any text. Can anyone help me about this, I just want to make it work to see text on it so I could do some simple codes to start learning. thanks a lot

You haven't really given us any information to go on other than "It doesn't work". We will need more information. You also haven't told us which libraries you were using. All you said was: "I tried basicly all of them".

Guessing isn't a good thing when it comes to h/w. If things are mis-wired, it can permanently damage the hardware. So it is best to ask before guessing.

What we need more than anything else at this point is information on the display module. We need to know what type of display it is and how it is wired up to the connectors.

Once we know that, we can start to look at which libraries can be used and then how to wire up the display and configure the library to make things work.

The photo you provided is not enough information.

Where is the product datasheet for your module?

--- bill

I think the product ist this:

Still i did not see any data sheet, but some comments suggest u8glib (it seems to be a ST7920 controller).


Hi, sorry for less info I gave. At Oliver's link if you scroll down a little you can see tab "Files" there are librarires, datasheet and etc. I used u8lib library,LCD12864R,and that from hobbyking. I have connected it in serial mode and tried and connected it in parallel mode and tried. I didn't mismatched wires because as you see in pic I gave there is connector at board for serial or parallel , same connector I have on sensor shield so I think it can't be wrong if I connect board with lcd over these connector. At lcd board I have knob for contrast already built in.

I went this way. Install arduino software and setuped it for mega2560. I did blinky example for see does it work and work.. then I have connected it in serial mode with lcd module and used example from arduino software "hello world", it didn't work so I put u8lib and did retry and same and I did with lib from hobbyking site and same problem. LCD flashes because of delay in code probably but no text.

Am I forgot something else to tell? to get you all info? tell me if I can help you to help me :D tnx

I have managed to make it work with library but only in serial mode (maybe I went over that solution) from hobbyking but it worked and now it doesn't work .. It says that serial port is in use but it isn't so I can't upload any code anymore in it :S