LCD3,2 TFT with touch and elec freaks shield (white 11/22/2012)

how i can connect it and what a library and code i need to use

am usin this sample codes that are succesfuly compliled and transferred to device but no reaction - only light"_TFT_LCD:_TFT01-2.4

I thinking i using not true pins... But i cant do it work. help please

help please, really need help
skype, or other ?

Hi, please consider my LCD if you need better results. i recently launch LCDBPV2 libraries for arduino. LCDBPV2 is a 3.2" 320x240 and 16 bits color more cheap than similar solution but better because awesome speed.
Please check youtube video:
here are more information:

hello, tnx, but i want to work with this lsd and this shield
tft lcd 16 bits 4 bit touch panel and elec freaks shield V.2.0
lcd have a 240x400 resolution and sd csard slot

this display and fucked shield V2.0

I have this shield and a TFT_320QVT
Download the UTFT and UTFT_geometry libraries
You need to define your TFT chipset and pin connections.
The default
UTFT myGLCD(ITDB32S,38,39,40,41);
works fine right out of the box.

Be careful when unpacking the RAR files. Your folder tree should be
\Program Files\Arduino\libraries\UTFT
\Program Files\Arduino\libraries\UTFT_geometry

If you unpack UTFT.rar into UTFT you'll get

\Program Files\Arduino\libraries\UTFT\UTFT which wont work.