LCD3wire 74HC164

good afternoon, I wanted to consult everyone, I have this circuit and I control it with Arduino, LCDs and control with success with LCD3Wire (with 4094 and 595) but not with 74HC164, if the RS is fixing the DATA pin and no library is configured well. wanted to know if anyone has a library that works or any help. also attached them this link works but not the library. Thank you very much!

I'm not clear on what you have done and what you are asking. Are you saying you were able to control an LCD using a 4094 or a 595 but you can't get the same library working with the 164 using this schematic?

Can you post links to the library and schematics of what you had working with the other chips?

Are you wanting to find a library for that exact 164 circuit or are you looking for some way to hook up a 164 to a LCD and would be willing to re-wiring the circuit?

--- bill

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