LCD4Bit and Big Numbers

Well, iguess most of you know what i mean… there are codes arround to show ‘big numbers’ (those spanning multiple lines and rows) on a 4 line display…
unfortunately i dont find any code for this - does someone here have some idea where to get those?

Check this thread out. Should have everything you need there.

thank you, i checked that one earlier, but i had to see that it doesnt really work as supposed, yet i think its a problem with my lcd4bit code (which is modified)…

void LCD4Bit_mod::cursorTo(int line_num, int x){
 //first, put cursor home
 if (x>19)
switch (line_num)
case 1:
   x+=0x00 ; break;
 case 2:
   x+= 0x40 ; break;
 case 3:
   x+= 0x10 ; break; // In fact, line 3 is an extension of the line 1 (beyond the 20 first characters)
 case 4:
   x+= 0x50 ; break; // Line 4 is an extension of line 2

so, when i print a 4line bignumber (in this case 0) it looks like:

|   |
      |   |

Any ideas where to change the bignumber code to make it work with my code? i cant find the line stuff in it…

Thanks in advance

Theres no good reason to use the old 4bit library anymore the standard LiquidCrystal Library included in recent IDE’s works far better and faster and with 4bits. You’ll stand a better chance of finding code for it.

oh, ok. Didnt know Liquidcrystal was ever updated for 4bit ^^

Since 0016 :