LCD4Bit.cpp changing pin assignments

i want to change the rs for 12 to 5 (one of the free data pins) because i'm trying to connect simultaneously an xport and lcd to the arduino.

i thought i found where i could do this in lcd4bit.cpp

// --------- PINS ------------------------------------- //is the RW pin of the LCD under our control? If we're only ever going to write to the LCD, we can use one less microcontroller pin, and just tie the LCD pin to the necessary signal, high or low. //this stops us sending signals to the RW pin if it isn't being used. int USING_RW = false;

//RS, RW and Enable can be set to whatever you like int RS = 5; int RW = 11; int Enable = 2; //DB should be an unseparated group of pins - because of lazy coding in pushNibble() int DB[] = {7, 8, 9, 10}; //wire these to DB4~7 on LCD.

where i changed the rs pin to 5, but sketches i use aren't updating. at least it's not working. does anyone have an idea of what i can do?


Did you remember to delete the library's .o file after the change so that it will be re-compiled?