'LCD5110' does not name a type HELP!

Hi, i’ve been working on my project and when I got to my program, it always says ‘LCD5110’ does not name a type’. I would like to ask if what specific DATA TYPE is an LCD? Or how shall I troubleshoot this thing? Thank you.

SupposedOrig.ino (671 Bytes)

Where did you download the LCD5110_Basic library from?

And where did you install it?

from here ---> LCD5110_Basic - Rinky-Dink Electronics

Thank you for the response :slight_smile:

After installing that library when I try to compile your sketch with Arduino IDE 1.6.7 I don't get that error, I get a bunch of other errors such as:

SupposedOrig:23: error: 'class LCD5110' has no member named 'update'



So this tells me that your sketch isn't compatible with that library. So maybe there is another version of the library you need or you could just adapt your sketch to the library. Have you tried the example sketches in File > Examples > LCD5110_Basic > Arduino (ARM) or (AVR) depending on which board you're using?